Born in Nebraska in 1961 to a traditional Baptist family, Liz Hauck moved several times in her childhood, experiencing life from several vantage points, landing in Minneapolis in 1977. While always having a heart for the west and her Cherokee roots, travel became a large part of her life starting in 2011, where her love for people around the world and hearing their stories took center stage. Everybody has a story to tell … not everybody is asked.

Liz is regarded as a leading photographer in the Twin Cities and has enjoyed a memorable career for over 38 years with strong roots in portrait, documentary and street photography. Editorial and location photography includes work in Tokyo, Korea, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Amsterdam, Paris, and the Dominican Republic. Liz was also awarded the editorial assignment to photograph the prison system throughout Minnesota and Texas.

Studio work began in 2014 with focus on the art of headshots. Along with this new direction was a passion for fashion — and portfolio work for actors, models, and artists.

Career highlights include a new chapter in the modeling industry, merging her love of people with fashion. In 2018, Liz started a modeling and talent agency based in St. Paul, Minnesota — Liz J Models. Liz J Models is an agency for men, women and gender-neutral — and is committed to representing models, actors, writers, and artists for print, runway, TV, film, and gigs.

As an artist first, her approach to photography is balancing shadow and light, and finding honest compositions, and above all, there is fun, laughter and real moments.